Mel Alexander: Board Member


Although I played the trombone from 5th grade through my senior year at Blue Hill Community School, you would think that I would have been good, and you would be wrong. I started band with the hopes of having talent but as the time went on the talent never came. But there are a lot of memories I have with friends and classmates that I would not have had any other way. Band taught me an appreciation of music and the different parts, melodies and lines that I still use today as I work with the sound system at church. They don’t let me perform…remember the lack of talent thing!  But having watched Matthew play all the way through school and have a passion for what he was doing in band gives me the desire to help others that have the same desire to play. That is why one way I choose to remember Matthew is by helping other kids get started in band.  My job with the foundation is to assist wherever extra hands and brains are needed.