Jane Boerger: Vice President & Inventory Management


Growing up I played clarinet in my high school band.  Playing was not something I continued after graduation and I really never gave it much thought again until my daughter, Kara Boerger-Alexander, chose to play flute in Gretna’s band program.  In order to support her, I got involved and made sure I attended every concert, competition, and volunteered to assist on trips.  It was through this participation that I began to realize how important music can be in a young persons life.  The band students were a close group and the experiences were fun and positive.  Matthew and Kara played in band together and having seen the positive influence it had on both of them, I feel this foundation is an amazing opportunity to not only honor Matt, but provide other young people with a positive experience that will help shape their futures.  I’m honored to be able to participate and hope you share our enthusiasm for the value we can bring to our youth through this foundation. My responsibilities include keeping the inventory and being chief gopher!