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Who are our kids?

Zen enjoys playing his trombone!

We know that instrumental music can quickly and easily become an expensive hobby.  Our mission is to make music possible for all kids.


Our belief is that being involved in band and orchestra does more than just teach kids to play an instrument and read music.  We feel it creates a positive outlet, channels kids into a productive learning environment, helps kids form connections with friends who have similar interests, and allows kids to have the experience of being both a team player and the confidence to perform on their own.


On top of these beliefs, statistics show that young musicians consistently out perform non-musicians on dexterity and non-musical academic tests.


And of course…. IT’S FUN!!!


The kids who are a part of our program would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in their schools instrumental music program.  They are recommended to us by their directors for many different reasons.

We love the fact that we get to work with new families and schools every year!

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