About Matt!

Matt in Uniform Black

Matt’s Music Memorial was started in honor of Army CPL Matthew Lee Alexander after his death in Baqubah, Iraq on May 6, 2007.

Matthew enjoyed life; he always had a smile on his face and a constant willingness to help.  Music was a passion for him growing up.  He played percussion in the Gretna Bands throughout middle school and high school as well as volunteered on the uniform committee and spent many study halls in the band room to do odds and ends chores for the instructors.  The band room was always a second home to him.

After graduating from Gretna in 2004, Matthew joined the Army as an infantryman.  He had often talked about joining the military and told his friends and family that he felt called to help.  During mid-tour leave on his first tour overseas he married Kara Boerger-Alexander, his friend of 13 years and Gretna bandmate.

On May 6, 2007 Matthew and five others were killed overseas by an improvised explosive device.  He never made it home from his first tour.

Shortly after that his family started the Matthew Lee Alexander Memorial Foundation, shortened to Matt’s Music Memorial later on.  Most of his immediate family make up the current Board of Directors.  All of his immediate family volunteer to help with the foundation when they have extra time.  We know that Matthew would want others to have the opportunity to experience the personal growth and enjoyment he found through his band experiences and we are excited to be able to honor him and keep his memory alive through this amazing foundation.